Employee Wellbeing Packages


Providing a good product is important, good customer service is crucial and running a successful organisation is the goal, but none of the above is possible without a happy and healthy team of people. We are entering into a busy season for businesses across the country and we can expect that teams are going to be working even harder than usual to deliver objectives. Employee Wellbeing Packages are designed to acknowledge the hard work of the workforce and address common issues that they may face while working hard.  For instance, lower back pain is a common symptom of working an office job, in which you will likely be seated for most of the day. A complementary, in-office back massage could help alleviate some of the tension they may feel and bring some unexpected relief those who wouldn’t have a massage otherwise. We believe that these simple gestures, alongside a good office culture, can greatly improve the morale of any workforce.

Included with contract cleaning services

Price is dependent on the no. of employees

Price is dependent on the no. of employees

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Simplicity and convenience is key to our service so the process of joining us is easy. First, leave us a message with your query or detailing which package you are interested in. You can message us via our online form or you can send us a WhatsApp message (+4475 2177 9489). We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

These packages are only available as an add-on to one of our other cleaning or delivery services see here and cannot be booked on its own.

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